Fashion Coordinator

Fashion Coordinators work as Collection Coordinators.
They are flexible professionals in the fashion industry with skills that can be applied in different sectors of the company, such as the styling, product development, production, sales and marketing departments.
They combine a strong inclination for fashion with knowledge of the main processes involved in the development of a collection, of the stages and techniques used for the materials and of the production itself.
They carry out feasibility studies on prototypes, also with the aid of 2D and 3D CAD systems for the virtual representation of models.
They participate in the marketing plan, analysing strategies for products and markets. Furthermore, they use the latest digital technologies to promote and market the fashion product.

Ministerial profile

Specialist in fashion planning, communication and marketing.

Areas of activity


  • Analysis of the target market
  • Analysis of the competitors
  • Analysis of fashion trends


  • Processing business, company, and style recommendations
  • Processing the collection plan
  • Collection plan and marketing strategies
  • Collection briefing


  • Developing a collection
  • Developing a product
  • Product industrialisation
  • Manufacturing processes


  • Contracts and labour law
  • Tools and techniques for an active job search
  • Quality and safety in the workplace


  • Organisation models and business management
  • Project management fundamentals
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Communication and marketing

Partner companies for internship

Each course year includes 400-hour curricular internships
The course includes specific and personalized placement actions (scouting, coaching and competence assessment), to support participants in finding a suitable internship collocation. Such actions aim to match companies and candidates in an efficient manner.
The network of companies offering internships is very wide and includes companies from the Fashion and Shoe industries. They cover: small, medium and large companies, artisan enterprises, consultancy and services firms.

Didactic program (subjects and total number of hours)

The course is structured as follows: lessons, laboratories and practical activities held by technicians and professionals working in the fashion and textile industry, visits to companies and participation in trade fairs, for a total of 2,000 hours broken down into:

  • 1,200 hours of Lessons, Laboratories and Practical activities, visits to companies, Fashion/textile business trade fairs, Museums and Foundations;
  • 800 hours of internship.

The course consists of specialising and cross training modules:

  • Quality and safety in the workplace;
  • English Language;
  • IT and communication and management technologies
  • Illustrator – Photoshop;
  • Marketing and communication;
  • Semiotics and Fashion Sociology;
  • The Fashion Industry: company organization and main processes;
  • Planning and design;
  • Fashion Trends and Research;
  • Chemical composition of materials;
  • Collection complements: accessories, shoes.


  • Collection briefing and development process;
  • Advanced collection development process;
  • Basic modelling techniques;
  • Advanced modelling techniques;
  • CAD applied to Lectra Modaris;
  • New technologies: Clo3D Virtual fashion;
  • Product industrialisation and manufacturing processes;
  • Manufacturing techniques;
  • Machines and equipment;
  • Basic materials and components;
  • Materials and components: washing and treatments;
  • Knitwear;
  • Fashion-making trousers;
  • Project work;
  • Case history laboratories;
  • Workshops – visits to trade fairs – Museums – Exhibitions;
  • Internship.

The course includes:

Photos/videos of laboratories, visits to companies, visits to trade fairs, educational visits, use of sector-specific software.
During the two-year course students will participate in Trade Fairs and Events and will go on educational visits companies.

information and contacts
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