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What are the ITS?

Higher Technical Institutes (ITS) are "schools of high technological specialisation" created to respond to the demand of companies for new and high-calibre technical and technological skills.

Who can access ITS courses?

It is sufficient for applicants to have a secondary school diploma. ITS courses do not require prerequisites; they can be attended by all those who have the desire to get involved and prepare themselves better for the world of work.

Why choose to attend an ITS?

Because ITS is the main gateway to the world of work available to young people with an employability rate of around 90%.

How long do ITS courses last?

The duration of ITS courses is 2 years.

Is there a registration fee to attend an ITS?

The registration fee is 700 euros per year for courses in Veneto and 1,000 euros per year for courses in Lombardy.
The cost of the course also includes the teaching materials and licences of the programs that will be intensively used, provided by COSMO.

What is the final qualification obtained from these courses?

The final qualification awarded at the end of the ITS course is a Level 5 qualification of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF).

Where do ITS courses take place?

The locations of the courses are listed on the pages of the specific courses; these are higher institutes in most cases, as well as workshops of companies of the various sectors.

Selection and aptitude tests

The selections are divided into three parts, the CV assessment, a multiple-choice test and a motivational interview.
a. How should applicants prepare for the exam?
It is sufficient to refer to the Alpha Test, the book of General Culture.
b.How are the questions structured?
60 questions, of which 40 relate to logic and general culture, 10 to computer skills and 10 to English.
c. What is asked in the motivational interview?
We try to understand the student's suitability for a certain course and their desire to undertake a certain career.
d.Who conducts the entrance exam and the motivational interview?
A work psychologist, a coordinator and a representative of Humana.
e.Where can I take the exam?
The admission test is the same in all locations, it can be sat at the nearest location.
The motivational test, on the other hand, must be carried out at the location of the preferred speciality.

Course enrolment

Course enrolment can be carried out directly on our website and is formalised after the selections based on the results of the tests.

What is the regulatory framework for ITS?

Partners and internships in companies

The courses have established partnerships with companies in the sector; moreover, internships in companies are agreed with the internship tutor; they can be suggested by the student or presented by the tutor themselves. There are no regional constraints in the choice of the internship period.
Fairs and events

ITS COSMO participates in all the well-known events in the sector in order to give its students the opportunity to stay up to date on news from the fashion world and beyond.
nere sempre aggiornati sulle novità del mondo moda e non solo.

Training orientation
The training orientation takes place within the high schools, through events organized by the ITS itself and by the orientation networks, however it is possible to request an intervention by writing to the email: promozione@itscosmo.it

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