Fashion Photography and New Media

Fashion photography integrated with new technologies

The training course aims to create a new professional figure specialized in the field of fashion Photography

Sede: Milan (MI)

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The course in brief

  • Duration: Two years
  • Hours:2,000 hours, of which 1,200 classroom hours and 800 hours of internship.
  • Qualification obtained: Passing the final exam, at the end of the two-year period, allows you to obtain the title of Process, Product, Communication and Marketing Senior Technician for the textile - clothing - fashion sector.
  • Partners: Karakorum, Fabrizio Fenucci, Baobab Studio, Manuel Cacciatori
  • Project work: During the course, students are engaged in the completion of two pieces of project work, one dedicated to workflow and creation of content for web agencies and the other focused on the professional portfolio through the methodology of the business and commission workshops. Both pieces of project work, linked to business workshops, will be carried out in collaboration with companies that are active in the territory and presented during the final exam.


The training course aims to create a new professional individual specialised in the field of fashion photography , that responds to both continuous and fast evolutions of the digital and web languages . The fashion photographer is an author  and an artist , and therefore a well-prepared and well-rounded individual who is able to use images as a communication tool with knowledge and awareness.

Reflecting on the dominant role of the gaze in contemporary culture and the growing interconnection between different spheres of media space, this specialisation course develops a research and practice approach, preparing a culturally aware professional individual who is able to move between different communication channels.



Theoretical foundation

The theoretical subjects  will range from the history of fashion and costumes, to the history of fashion photography, the photographic language, the search for content, communication and marketing techniques, digital strategies and the contemporary approach to the archive. In addition, the modules in English will introduce the student to the specialist terminology of the sector. Finally, emphasis will be placed on regulations concerning security and the field of ethics.


The subjects to which the workshops are dedicated will cover both photographic techniques (explored in all aspects: portrait, still life, materials technologies, etc.) and video techniques, combined with the development of a creative proposal and the management of workflow and post-production.

Particular attention will be paid to the awareness of the operation of a digital archive of fashion photography, a fundamental tool that contributes to the dissemination and protection of Made in Italy, to sustainability, to promotion and to the construction of effective advertising strategies.

Business workshop

The modules dedicated to project work will be structured according to the logic of the business workshop, so the students will interface with real situations according to market demands.
The student must be able to reconstruct the work process, analyse the client's need, provide specialised advice, and produce and deliver a complete piece of work to the client.

Course location

CFP Bauer - AFOL Metropolitana
Via Soderini, n.24 Milano
Phone no. (+39) 0277405305

Project coordination:
Michela Pandolfi –
Phone no. (+39) 0277405334

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