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Fashion and sustainability

The figure of the FASHION SUSTAINABILITY MANAGER interacts with customers and suppliers, domestic and foreign...

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The course in brief

  • Duration: two years.
  • Amount of hours: 2,000 hours of which 1,200 hours are classroom and 800 hours are internship.
  • Title attained: 5th level EQF (European Qualification Framework) Higher Technician.
  • Partners: Municipality of Valdagno, Confindustria Vicenza, Confartigianato Vicenza, Fondazione Palazzo Festari, Marzotto Group. The Marzotto Group provides the premises for classes and apartments that will house the students requesting residency.
  • Project work: The students present at the final exam a project created in close collaboration with the company where they will do their internship.

Participation in trade fairs and industry events, educational visits to companies in the supply chain are planned during the two-year period.

The Vicenza Chamber of Commerce provides scholarships for residents of the province of Vicenza who enroll in this course, find out how to participate in the 2022 edition

Who is the
Fashion Sustainability Manager Manager

The figure of the "FASHION SUSTAINABILITY MANAGER" interacts with customers and suppliers, domestic and foreign. In the company, he supports the style office, production, marketing and communication functions. It is a figure who knows materials and production processes, management methodologies and critical points in supply chains (from raw materials to finished products). He intervenes to reduce waste (material, water and energy consumption), all negative impacts on the environment, (including emissions of pollutants and climate altering substances) and to make production processes more efficient.

Is involved in projects that ensure respect for and promotion of human and labor rights in national and international production chains, contributes to consumer engagement, integration of sustainability values into brand identity, and promotes a vision of a circular economy.Is familiar with the international debate on sustainability and sustainable development issues, environmental and social certification systems and labels, international technical language (in English), and has skills in dialogue, mediation, and teamworking.

The course trains a professional figure who has become indispensable for all companies in the entire fashion supply chain, from major brands to suppliers of yarn, fabrics and leather goods, and who has experienced great growth in recent years and whom many companies in the sector still struggle to find with the appropriate skills in the market.
The fashion sustainability manager has a role in linking, supporting and coordinating business functions, from the style office to production, supply chain management and communication. He or she contributes to the design and implementation of corporate policies for cleaner fashion that has less environmental impact and promotes well-being and social balance. Combines technical expertise, ability to interact with all stakeholders, and a strong commitment to environmental and social sustainability.


Subjects and laboratories

Theoretical foundation

Theoretical subjects include the study of the basic principles of sustainability and the circular economy, elements of economics and business organization, methods of sustainable management of the Supply Chain, methods and techniques of innovation of business models, analysis of the context political, economic, social and technological (PEST); socio-environmental risk analysis.

Core workshop

The course includes computer labs, linguistics (technical English for the fashion business), teamworking techniques and methods, understanding of technical tests of the sustainability performance of products and processes, non-financial and environmental reporting practices, design for sustainability and the circular economy, on measurement and evaluation techniques for sustainability.

Advanced workshop

During the course students will visit the main fashion exhibitions, will experience meetings with personalities, managers of Italian and international fashion brands, leaders in sustainability.

The area and
the companies with which it collaborates

Course location

IIS “Marzotto-Luzzatti”
VALDAGNO (VI), Viale G. Carducci 9

Marzotto SPA
VALDAGNO (VI), Largo S. Margherita 1


Project coordination:
Giulio NARDON:
Phone to: (+39) 340 230 6901

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