Green Leather Manager

The course on leather for the sustainability of the tanning industry.

The Green Leather Manager is an expert technician in the research and development of leather and hide products for the fashion, footwear, furniture and automotive sectors.

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the course in brief

  • Duration: two years.
  • Hours: 2,000 hours, of which 1,200 classroom hours and 800 hours of internship.
  • Qualification obtained: Senior Technician EQF (European Qualification Framework) Level 5.
  • Partners: Istituto Tecnico Statale Galilei,Distretto Veneto della Pelle, AICC, Stazione Sperimentale Pelli srl.
  • Project work: during the second year, the students are engaged in the completion of a project, carried out in close collaboration with a company and presented during the final exam.

During the two-year period, students will have the opportunity to participate in Fairs and Industry Events, educational visits to companies in the industry, thematic Workshops, and workshop activities carried out directly within the companies


DANI group promotes quality training

Dani Group has decided to make available the "Scholarships for deserving students" due to enrol in the academic training year 2022/2023, with the aim of supporting continuity in the studies of the new generations and promoting a quality training course. The scholarship is equal to the entire amount of the registration for the course aimed at first-year students with a final score of at least 25/30.

For further information, please contact the coordinator


Who is the
Green Leather Manager

The Green Leather Manager is an expert technician in the research and development of leather and hide products  for the fashion, footwear, furniture and automotive sectors. The individual fits into the leather industry  and works in tanneries  and tanning chemical companies.

Leatherwork is the processing of leather for the production of objects. This course deals only and exclusively with tanning and tanning techniques.



Study and management of the tanning, retanning and finishing cycle

The study of chemistry  is the foundation of the training of the Green Leather Manager : from general, organic and inorganic Chemistry, to Colorimetry and chemistry of dyes and pigments, to the Chemistry of greases for leather, vegetable tannins and synthetic retanning agents. Machinery for the treatment of skins is also studied: machinery for greening, calcination, decalcination, maceration, salting and tanning.

Design/Optimisation of tanning systems

The leather goods course gives solid skills in the design and maintenance of the tanning system  and the design of the finishing system .

Organisation and business management

The training course is completed by managerial skills, which distinguish the Green Leather Manager from a simple technician of the tanning industry: ample space is given to the study of business organisation and management , the English language, quality, brands and patents, and the economics of the leather industry .

the companies with which it collaborates

course location

ITTE Galilei
Viale Vicenza, n.49/A
36071 Arzignano (VI)

Project Coordination:
Caterina Squarise:
Phone no: +39 348 770 0370

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