The evolution of beauty is technology

The DIGITAL GOLDSMITH TECHNICIAN defines the future of the goldsmith's art

Sede: Vicenza (VI)

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  • Duration: two years.
  • Hours: 2,000 hours, of which 1,200 classroom hours and 800 hours of internship
  • Qualification obtained: Senior Technician EQF (European Qualification Framework) Level 5.
  • Partner Companies: Among others: Nanis Italian jewels, Sb Luxury, DWS , WORLD DIAMONDS GROUP, The Fifth Season
  • Project work: during the second year, the students are engaged in the completion of a project, carried out in close collaboration with a company and presented during the final exam.

During the two-year period, students will have the opportunity to participate in Fairs and Industry Events, educational visits to companies in the industry, thematic Workshops, and workshop activities carried out directly within the companies.


The Digital Goldsmith Technician is an individual who possesses the cultural inheritance of traditional goldsmithing but who operates in a context of very high technological and digital development.

A technician who can work alongside a stylist, in an artisan atelier or in a large company. They possess the technical skills and abilities for next-generation prototyping that leverages 3D tools, from design to sample development.

Jewelry designer working on laptop, closeup

subjects and WORKSHOPS

Theoretical foundation

In addition to the economic and business and strategic problem solving  core courses, the pillars of knowledge of this course are both 2D and 3D design , with the related software. 


Underpinning the use of the most advanced technologies, there are manual skills: goldsmith workshop, knowledge and classic metalworking  will accompany the study of jewellery design.


Students will learn the techniques of prototyping and 3D printing,  the use of a plugin for setting precious stones, the use of machine tools, as well as finishing techniques

The area
he companies with which it collaborates

course location

Dipartimento Scuola d’Arte e Mestieri del Centro Produttività Veneto
Via Rossini 66, (ingresso auto) angolo via Nicotera 19 (ingresso pedonale)
36100 Vicenza

Project coordination:
Timoteo Frammartino
Phone no. 0444.960500  from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm


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