E-commerce Fashion Manager

The future of Fashion Retail

The E-commerce Fashion Manager is the individual who structures, defines and coordinates all aspects of fashion e-commerce platforms.

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The course in brief

  • Duration: Two years.
  • Hours: 2,000 hours, of which 1,200 classroom hours and 800 hours of internship.
  • Qualification obtained: The passing of the final test, at the end of the two-year period, allows students to achieve the qualification of Senior Technician of EQF (European Qualification Framework) Level 5.
  • Partners: Advertising agencies and fashion companies of the highest level in the sector with innovative projects.
  • Project work: Project work: During the second year, the students are engaged in the completion of a project, carried out in close collaboration with a company and presented during the final exam.

Who is the
E-commerce Fashion Manager

An e-commerce fashion manager is responsible for running an online fashion store. Their main task is to ensure that the store is able to attract and retain customers, increasing sales and turnover.
To do this, the e-commerce fashion manager must manage the store's website, taking care of its  visual appearance and user experience, and ensuring that the store is easy to navigate.
They must also manage the selection of products, making sure they are of high quality and in line with current trends. In addition, the e-commerce fashion manager must implement online marketing strategies to promote the store and attract new customers.
This can include activities such as SEO, social media marketing, and creating engaging and valuable content for customers.

Other responsibilities of an e-commerce fashion manager may include managing shipments and deliveries, managing supplier relationships, and managing return and exchange policies. In addition, the e-commerce fashion manager must monitor the performance of the store using tools such as Google Analytics and make changes to the company strategy based on the results obtained.


Subjects and workshops


Theoretical subjects will range from online marketing techniques, such as SEO and social media marketing, and using tools like Google Analytics to track the site's performance.
In addition, we will explore how to create an effective branding strategy and how to develop relationships with customers to retain them and increase sales, thanks to the most advanced CRM techniques.


The workshops allow students to acquire excellent graphic skills (Photoshop and Illustrator) and website creation skills (WordPress), not only to support the User Experience, but to create real emotional shopping experiences which respect the visual standards of the brand.


The advanced workshops allow the student to become an expert in the field and develop the key characteristics to establish themselves in the world of work. An example is undoubtedly the Coding workshops which entail the use of HTML and JavaScript, the use of software platforms for e-commerce and the operational management of e-commerce systems.

the area and
the companies with which it collaborates

course location

Istituto Istruzione Superiore “E. Usuelli Ruzza”
Via M. San Micheli, n. 8, Padova
Tel. 049.657287

Project Coordination:
Francesco Lucia
Tel. +39 347.6313922

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