Corso calzatura sportiva

Sport system specialist

Sport System Specialists will acquire the necessary competencies to fully integrate themselves in the “Montebellunese” district, which has been at the heart of the sport world for many years.
To date, over 50% of all the sport footwear on the market is designed in the Montebelluna (TV) district.
This course of studies offers the opportunity to specialise in the design, communication and marketing of sport footwear, components and accessories.

Ministerial profile

Specialist in sport footwear and equipment

Didactic program (subjects and total number of hours)

The course is structured as follows: lessons, laboratories and practical activities held by technicians and professionals working in the fashion and textile sector, as well as visits to companies and participation in trade fairs, for a total of 2,000 hours broken down into:

  • 1,300 hours of Lessons, Laboratories and Practical activities, visits to companies, Fashion/textile business trade fairs, Museums and Foundations;
  • 700 hours of internship.

The course consists of specialising and cross training modules:

  • English Language;
  • History of the Sport System District;
  • History of clothes and costumes;
  • Perception psychology, Semiotics and aesthetics of the industrial product;
  • Safety, business economics, Marketing, cost control, market analysis;
  • Computerized graphics, 2/3-dimensional computer technology;
  • Biomechanics, foot anatomy;
  • Science and technology of materials;
  • Traditional footwear modelling;
  • Technologies and production processes applied to footwear;
  • Technologies and production processes applied to sport equipment;
  • Footwear design 1, 2 and 3;
  • Sport equipment design;
  • Sport footwear cutting, assembly and hemming laboratory;
  • Sport footwear assembly laboratory;
  • Fast prototyping;
  • Industrial and intellectual property rights.

Macro Competencies

  • The Process and Product specialists research, process and develop the components of sport footwear and equipment.
  • More specifically, they will be working on items produced in the Sport System district.
  • They will be familiar with and be able to graphically develop the style of the product, as well as develop the different components of sport footwear and equipment in Cad 2D and 3D.
  • They will process the project data and manage them using their knowledge of sector-specific technical documentation.
  • They will work in collaboration with the different departments of the company to organize and coordinate the production of the sport ite

Partner companies for internship

Information and contacts

Istituto di Istruzione Superiore “Einaudi-Scarpa”
Via Sansovino, 6 – 31044 Montebelluna (TV)
Phone: +39.0423.23587 o +39.0423.22972
(Ask Ms. Paola Danzi)