Jewellery specialist

These Specialists operate in companies that manufacture products in metal and alternative materials.
They apply an innovative technological approach in compliance with aesthetic, safety, and quality standards.
They can evaluate and select the most suitable tools in terms of technical, economical, and style consistency.
They develop product and market strategies, collaborate in defining the marketing plan and the company communication policy.

Ministerial profile

Economic area classification:32.1 Manufacture of jewels and precious stone processing.

Macro Competencies

Graphic and computerized gold design (Rhinoceros/Rhinogold)
Multi-purpose gold laboratories comprising all the basic techniques of jewellery making
Marketing and Sales Techniques
Gold culture: history of jewels, technology and manufacturing processes, technical English for the jewellery sector, gemmology, costs analysis and industrial feasibility studies.


COMMON COMPETENCIES: English, Communication, Gold Technology, Gold production technologies and processes, Sector-specific standards and legislation, Company organisation, Cost analysis and industrial accounting, Active job search, Quality
PLANNING: The history of jewels, Planning and graphic design techniques, Creativity and design, 3D design and IT applications
MANUFACTURE: Gold laboratory, Wax modelling, Engraving and gem setting, Jewel research planning and laboratory, Decoration techniques, Gemmology
MARKETING/SALES: Marketing, Sales Techniques, In-depth analysis seminars: conferences, round-table talks, fairs, seminars on the use of new sector-specific technologies, visits to companies, etc.

Partner companies for internship

Small, medium and large sized jewellery companies, artisan enterprises and planning and design firms.

Information and contacts

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