Corso di occhialeria

Specialist in eyewear planning and manufacturing

At the end of the Eyewear planning and manufacturing course, Specialists will have acquired the basic and across the board competencies as well as the fundamental methodological approach to start their career as “Junior Eyewear product manager”, that is, the person who manages a product or line of eyewear, coordinating all the production stages, from planning to sales. They are able to understand and manage the creative process underlying the creation of the product, develop innovative ideas for products; discover and transform ideas into marketable prototypes and are fully aware of the need to interact with all the people involved in making the eyewear. These trained professionals can start their career by working alongside Senior product managers of the company, as well as designers and product developers.

Ministerial profile

Specialist in eyewear planning and manufacturing

Le ultime selezioni per il biennio 2016/2018 si terranno GIOVEDI’ 13/10/2016 nella sede operativa di LONGARONE (BL)

Macro Competencies

  • Cooperate in preparing the quantitative and qualitative market analysis of the product (in particular, focussing on customers’ demands and preferences relative to the same product offered by the company’s competitors or to similar products), collect information on brand and style.
  • Participate in meetings with the proprietor, the Label manager, the financial manager, the sales manager and the marketing manager in order to better understand how to define the strategy (number of models/prices/time/target).
  • Contribute to drawings and sketches and follow the designer’s work;
  • Use dedicated software to create the graphic and technical drawing of the eyewear.
  • Collaborate with the technical department manager and ensure that the technical department interprets both the drawings and the prototypes in accordance with the given aesthetic and design indications.
  • Monitor the product life cycle, collect information on industrialisation processes from the production manager in order to optimise the production process.
  • Collaborate in creating, planning and carrying out advertising and promotional campaigns.

Aziende partner per stage

È previsto il tirocinio di 700 ore totali presso occhialerie del distretto Belluno – Treviso – Padova. Una parte del tirocinio si svolge al termine del primo anno e una parte al termine del secondo anno.

information and contacts

Certottica scrl – z.i. Villanova 7/a, 32013 Longarone (BL)

Piero Monestier, Katia Savi, Simona Agnoli
Monday through Friday, h. 8,30 AM – 05,30 PM.
Phone. 0437 573157